Title 17 - Permit Process Amendments


Zoning Text Amendment to amend Title 17 of the Blaine Municipal Code as follows:

  1. Designate the Hearing Examiner to hear Appeals, Variances, Conditional Use Permits, and other Quasi-Judicial matters;
  2. Amend Central Business District standards to eliminate a Conditional Use Permit process for use of public plazas; and
  3. Revise BMC 17.06 (Project Review and Approval Procedures) and 17.07 (Site Plan Review) to clarify permit processes. 

Planning Commission Continued Deliberation (October 28, 2021)

Public Hearing (September 23, 2021)


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Staff Report

SEPA Determination

Determination of Non-Significance

Herald Publication

Planning Commission Study Session

August 12, 2021

Application Materials

  1. Text Amendments
  2. SEPA Checklist